About Us
About us

Welcome to Pup School Suffolk

At Pup School Suffolk we are committed to helping owners to improve their dog’s lives.

We specialise in training puppies, adults and rescue dogs; helping with all the behaviours that will make your dog a friendly, happy and enjoyable companion, like a reliable recall and loose lead walking.

We also encourage and support you to have a great relationship with your dog through basic training, obedience training, agility, scent work, trick training and mental stimulation and games. To this end all our training is positive and reward based.

We can also help dogs with separation anxiety, resource guarding, aggression issues, noise phobias and many more behaviour problems, improving the quality of life for you, your dog and your family. Don’t struggle on alone – ask for help – and begin to enjoy time with your dog again!

Jane Spendelow

IMDT Qualified trainer
Jane  is the trainer and behaviourist at Pup School Suffolk - a qualified dog trainer with the Institute of Modern Dog Trainers (IMDT) and kennel club assured breeder of rough collies for over 16 years . She grew up with dogs as a child and this love of  animals has never disappeared. She lives on site at Pup School Suffolk with her husband and 7 dogs, 2 horses, a cat and numerous chickens! Click the link to learn more about Jane...


Sammy Pegg

Agility trainer and coach
Sammy is the agility trainer and coach at Pup School Suffolk. Sammy grew up owning and training dogs and this developed into a love of agility. She competes internationally at the highest level with her border collies including Bliss and her new puppy Tempo. Click the link to learn more about Sammy...


The boss!
What can we say about Henry? We couldn’t run Pup School Suffolk without him! He is our main stooge dog – stepping in to help with reactive dogs, nervous dogs, dogs that have limited socialisation with other dogs and do not understand canine body language – Henry takes it all in his stride. He is working his way up through the grades in agility and is a registered PAT - Pets As Therapy dog. Click the link to find out more about Henry...

Our services

From training classes to one to one behaviour and dog walking - we provide what you need to support and assist you and your pet

Adult & puppy training classes

Puppy, adult, agility, space cadets and children's classes

One to one training and behaviour

Providing support for both behaviour issues and training

Puppy services

One to one puppy training and puppy consultation - helping you from day one and before!

Walking and home visits

For when you can't be around; we provide the training and fun that your dog needs

Field hire

For all your training needs; we can offer our secure agility/training paddock

Contact us

With your questions, enquiries or to make a booking