Beginners/puppy classes

Group training classes are a great way for you and your dog to train, have fun, learn new and valuable skills and experience new places and different environments. Not only are you and your dog learning from your trainer but you can also learn from others within the class. All training uses positive reinforcement (generally based on food and/or play) and no force or punishment is used. The objective of our classes;
Great learning
Great behaviour and
(most importantly!) GREAT FUN!

Classes all take place in our fully fenced, secure paddock. We run our group classes as an 8 week course. If you miss the beginning of a course there is the option to ‘catch up’ as we offer a rolling program of entry if possible. Our classes can get very busy and we try to keep numbers low so each puppy/dog gets more individual attention – so please book ahead if possible.

Classes are held weekly for 1 hour and we vary what we are learning to keep it interesting and fulfilling both for owner/handler and puppy/dog. All classes will be most successful if you can follow up the training in the week (homework will be given!!!) even if it is just for a few minutes each day.
We recommend classes for at least the first year of a puppy’s life or for the first year of ownership of an adult dog/rescue to ensure a well-balanced, happy member of the household. Older dogs still benefit greatly from ongoing training and it has been proven to enhance the relationship between the dog and owner for life.

Puppy school (reception)/starters
In puppy school (reception) we start your puppy off in the best possible way to be a great friend, companion and family member for life. Puppies can attend as soon as their initial vaccinations are complete and there is no upper age range (this can be a great class for newly acquired rescue dogs as a way of ascertaining their level of training and needs) It is not suitable for reactive dogs or overly nervous adult dogs but is fine for nervous puppies (the world is so new to them!) We cover training such as:

  • Socialisation
  • Puppy recall training
  • Emergency recall
  • Eye contact
  • Loose lead walking  
  • Reflex to name
  • Positions – sit, down and stand
  • Playing with your puppy
  • Husbandry – handling and grooming
Amongst many other fun and important skills for life.

Cost: £120 for an 8 week course.
Mondays and Saturdays - please contact us for current times and availability

Puppy school/beginners
Puppy school is most suitable for dogs and puppies that have already been through puppy school (reception) or puppies/dogs that have already started their training elsewhere or using 1to1 training. We ensure that training is introduced in ‘levels’ to suit the most novice trainer and dog/puppy right up to more advanced handlers/dogs, ensuring that everyone is challenged but no-one feels that they are not making any progress.

In puppy school we learn all the skills from reception classes plus new behaviours and we begin to add the 3Ds;
The puppies are not only able to recall, sit, down, loose lead walk etc but they can do it for longer, with distractions going on around them and at a distance (wait or stay is based on this).

We also learn new skills like:
  • Eye contact with distractions
  • Reflex to name response with distractions
  • Relaxing in a calm environment
  • Sit and down – with distractions/ extending the time (stay or wait)/ away from the owner
  • Safe exchanges (releasing a toy etc)
  • Emergency stop

Amongst other essential and fun skills and exercises.
We also work towards achieving our IMDT bronze award.

Cost: £120 for an 8 weeks course.

Mondays and Saturdays - please contact us for times and availability of current classes 


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