Pre-puppy visits

Imagine how proud you would feel if a stranger commented on how incredibly well behaved your young dog was! (As opposed to you apologising when your filthy dog has just jumped up and ruined the clothes of a stranger!) Our aim is to help you to feel proud of your dog’s behaviour every time you take him out in public!

Buying a new puppy can be the most exciting (and nerve wracking!) time for many owners. Most families want to welcome a happy and sociable pet into their new family but are often unsure how to get from the new baby puppy to the well balanced, fun adult dog. There is lots of help and advice out there freely given by all sorts of people – but what is the right advice? Lots of words like dominance and breed type are used and there are many methods of training, some of which are better than others but how do you know which way is the right way for your puppy?

Maybe it’s your first puppy or you haven’t had a puppy for many years – most people just want to get it right. Apart from the initial cost of your puppy, over the years your puppy will dictate the car that you drive, the clothes that you wear, your holidays, even the house that you buy! We invest a huge amount of time, money and effort into our family dog – make sure you get the right advice from day one so that you can rear and train a safe, happy, confident dog that will be a pleasure to own and your pride and joy for many years to come.


Pre puppy visit
A pre-puppy visit will take place in your home and will help you be prepared for your new arrival by answering any questions you have regarding:

  • The breed/type of puppy and his/her breed specific needs
  • Sleep and toilet training
  • Feeding
  • Play
  • Crate/bed/safe place training (If that’s something you would like)
  • What to do in the first few weeks
  • Managing play biting and mouthing
  • Socialisation and habituation
  • Any other issues/worries/ questions you may have!

We can even help advise on suitable breeds and breeders to approach, what questions to ask the breeder and how to choose your perfect puppy. If required, we could even come with you to meet the breeder and the puppy! If you then book a puppy consultation and one to one package you get the pre-puppy visit for free.

Pre-puppy visits are available daytimes or evenings by arrangement.

Cost £50 for a 1 hour visit