Dog walking

Our dog walking is designed to keep your dog happy, healthy and mentally stimulated. Imagine being left on your own all day when everyone else is out of the house – wouldn’t you crave having something to do and someone to communicate with? Your dog is the same! That’s where we come in.

After a FREE visit to assess your dogs needs, we will collect your dog and take them for a fun, exciting walk, returning them home tired and happy. We will towel dry your dog and provide clean water and feed if required. We will ensure they are happy and settled before we leave.
We are fully insured, canine first aid trained and DBS checked for your reassurance and safety.

 Initially, all walks are one to one until we are sure that your dog is comfortable and happy. Walks are always on lead until we are confident your dog has a secure recall, walks can then be off lead with your written permission. At the end of a walk we will send you a picture and message, so you know your dog is happy and content at home. You can even track your dog’s route so you can see where he has been!


Group dog adventures
Once we are happy that your dog is confident and settled with other dogs, we can then introduce them to group dog adventures if that is what you would prefer. These are excellent for socialising your dog and allowing fun adventures with other, suitable dogs. We always ensure that dogs are of similar size and temperament before we allocate them into suitable groups. We never take more than 4 dogs on a group dog adventure.

Your dog will be collected and safely transported to a suitable walk, the walk is for one hour and then your dog is returned home, towel dried if necessary and provided with fresh water and food if required. We will send you a message to reassure you that your dog is home and settled, along with a photo of your dog with their friends!
Group dog adventures are only suitable for dogs that are happy in a car, have a reliable recall and are happy and settled in the company of other dogs. If your dog is not happy in these situations, one to one walks are more suitable.

£15 per hour
£5 for each extra dog in the same household

One to one walking
We will take your dog for an hour walk in a suitable location near to your home. These walks are excellent for dogs that are reasonably well trained but not happy and comfortable in the presence of other dogs. We offer a discount for multiple dog households. 

£20 per hour
£10 per half hour
£5 for each extra dog in the same household