Field hire - training and agility

Want to carry on training yourself? Need to practice your agility? Want somewhere secure you can let your dog off lead to practice your recalls? We offer use of our 1 ½ acre fence training paddock, complete with a full set of competition agility equipment.

You can train, have fun, practice or just relax and let you dog have some freedom – it’s up to you! Bring a friend or bring more than one dog – that’s absolutely fine. Maximum 2 trainers (children or other family members are fine) and 5 dogs (any more by arrangement please)

Booking is hourly and is subject to availability and must be pre-booked in advance – we also take block bookings. If using the agility equipment, you must book a one off ½ hour slot before your first booking to ensure you are familiar with the equipment and know how to use it safely.

Field booking per hour £15
Agility safety check £15 for 30 minutes unless already training/competing 
Block booking of field x 10 £135