One to one behaviour

Have you got a rescue that is showing lots of problem behaviours or has your dog suddenly developed a behaviour that you are not happy with?

Our dogs should be a pleasure to us and us to them – however, this isn’t always so. Dogs are dogs and we can often find it very difficult to communicate with them and them with us. This can, at times, lead to behaviour problems and these, over time, tend to get worse if not addressed. Behaviour issues are the main reason that dogs are given up for rescue. Most of these behaviours can be helped or re-training using the correct reward based, scientific techniques.

Why carry on struggling with your dog’s behaviour when there are answers?

We can help with:

  • Dogs that lunge and bark on the lead
  • Car/bicycle chasing or fear of cars
  • Dogs that run away and won’t recall
  • Fearful or nervous dogs
  • Reactive dogs
  • Resource guarding
  • Reactivity around food
  • Fear of the vets/groomers
  • Separation anxiety
  • Toileting issues
  • Socialisation issues
  • Noise phobias such as fear of fireworks
  • Repetitive compulsive behaviours ie. Shadow chasing etc
  • Many more behaviours that cause concern and problems

All one to one training and behaviour sessions start with a consultation and report to assess the needs of both the dog and the owner. These are followed up with a training plan with one to one training sessions and training homework to do in between sessions.

Training consultations are available daytime and evenings by arrangement.

Cost £65 for 1½ hour visit plus report and training plan
One to one training £35 per hour
One to one training with stooge £55 per hour
Adult/rescue training package
– 6 one to one training sessions £180
- 10 one to one training sessions £280