One to one behaviour

Have you got a rescue that is showing lots of problem behaviours or has your dog suddenly developed a behaviour that you are not happy with?

Our dogs should be a pleasure to us and us to them – however, this isn’t always so. Dogs are dogs and we can often find it very difficult to communicate with them and them with us. This can, at times, lead to behaviour problems and these, over time, tend to get worse if not addressed. Behaviour issues are the main reason that dogs are given up for rescue. Most of these behaviours can be helped or re-training using the correct reward based, scientific techniques.

Why carry on struggling with your dog’s behaviour when there are answers?

We are able to help with behaviour modification of many different types of behaviour including but not exclusively:
Dog to dog aggression
Reactivity to other dogs
Dog to human aggression
Separation anxiety
Resource guarding or possession aggression
Noise anxiety
Car/bike/jogger etc chasing
Car anxiety and general behaviour in cars
And many more.

Each dog is individual and each behaviour plan is completed from the evidence and description given – we do not have a pre-prescribed formula.

How it works – 3-month behaviour modification plan
Behaviour modification can be a complex procedure. Often the dog has learnt these behaviours over a long period of time and, by the time help is sought, they can be very ingrained. There is no ‘quick fix’ and all behaviour modification takes time, training and perseverance. The more you, as an owner, put into the training, the better the results will be.
We start with a detailed questionnaire that gives us a solid background of the dog and their behaviour . We then book either a phone call or a zoom video call  – we will generally put in place a control and management plan and some foundation training at this point so that this can be started before the home visit. It is surprising just what a difference this can make. 
The home visit generally takes about 1 to 1 ½ hours and we put in place the behaviour management and training protocols, all the training will be explained in great detail and this will be followed up with a training report that details everything we are doing to modify the behaviour.
This is then followed up with 4 – 6 weekly 15-minute phone calls/ emails/ zoom video calls – where we can discuss progress, push the training forward if all is going well, make changes and add new training as needed.
We then schedule a follow up visit for approximately 6 weeks after the initial visit to discuss progress and plan forward for the remainder of the training. Again, all training added will be explained in detail. 
A zoom call at the end of the 3 months then looks at the successes and any issues remaining.

The 3-month behaviour modification plan costs £300 
The only additional cost to this would be the use of a stooge dog and handler, if required for one or both of the visits, at £25 per visit.