Agility workshops

Why agility? Quite frankly – because it’s fun!!!! Lynne Gressler has trained and competed with her own dogs very successfully for many years. Jane trains and competes with her rough collie, Henry and is training a young puppy for agility, Wasp. Both do it because they love it – almost as much as the dogs do!

Agility is, by its very nature, reward based and motivational training (it is very hard to force a dog to go through a tunnel or jump over a jump!) and is about great dog/trainer relationships and bonding and brilliant body language and cues for the dogs. It can be great for energetic or reactive dogs (sometimes this will need to be one to one rather than group training) and builds a strong bond between dog and owner.

What’s not to love?! Why not give it a go?

Agility workshops
Puppy (6-12months) - 1 hour
These involve all of the foundations needed to set you up for agility! Limited equipment will be involved at this age due to the dog’s physical development. However, you don’t need equipment to start agility! Simple foundation exercises such as forward drive and getting the dog to follow you; as they would around a course in the future! These classes are all about learning new skills and bonding with your puppy!

Beginner  (12 months +) - 2 hours
These are a little more advanced, and will involve some agility equipment, such as learning the basics of the weave poles, tunnels, jumps and the contact equipment, as well as continuing with the flatwork and foundation exercises, and then adding them onto the equipment! They are also suitable for older dogs that may have not done agility before, as they are physically developed enough to do some of the equipment. 

Novice - 2 hours
These are a continuation of the beginner classes, they will involve the equipment as well as adding in more complex handling, to really build on the skills previously learnt. These classes are suitable for dogs that have done some agility before and wish to work on these skills, and maybe even work towards competing. 
Workshops are on one Sunday a month

Please contact us for the next available dates and times