One to one training

Why 1 to 1 training when group lessons are generally much cheaper?

Over the years most dog training has traditional been in group lessons – sometimes in huge groups of 20 or more dogs, look back at the training videos of Barbara Woodhouse in the 1980s! In a group situation, if there are 10 dogs for an hour’s session, you and your dog may get 6 minutes of the trainer’s time! In a one to one session you get ALL of the trainer’s time and you are able to focus on YOUR dog’s needs. On top of this, all socialisation is completely under your control – beginning with no distractions to allow initial training to take place, building up to distractions being gradually introduced when your puppy/ dog is ready for them.

With behaviour training it is often difficult or impossible to train in a group training class as the behaviour will become more difficult in the class situation – these behaviours need one to one training and support.

We can work on all the training needs of the adult/rescue dog for example:

  • Reflex to name – which will lead to
  • Recall training
  • Emergency recall
  • Emergency stop
  • Eye contact – which will lead to…
  • Loose lead walking
  • Sit/down/stand training with wait or stay
  • Not jumping up
  • Settle
  • Handling for grooming etc
  • Any other training/behaviour issues you may have

Depending on your dog’s needs, we can put together a package that suits you from a one-off visit with a report to a package of 6 or 10 training sessions.

All one to one training and behaviour sessions start with a consultation and report to assess the needs of both the dog and the owner. These are followed up with a training plan with one to one training sessions and training homework to do in between sessions.

Training consultations are available daytime and evenings by arrangement

Cost £100 for 1½ hour visit including report
One to one training £50 per hour
Adult/rescue training package
– 6 one to one training sessions £270
- 10 one to one training sessions £400