Space cadets classes

These classes are specifically for those special dogs that need a bit of extra space from other dogs and/or people. They may be nervous, reactive or overly interested in other dogs where they pull, lunge or bark or a combination of all of these! They are ideal for rescue dogs or dogs that may have developed a fear or worry of other dogs/people.

We have alower numbers of dogs (maximum 4 dogs) in these classes with much more space between them and the flexibility to use our 1 ½ acre training paddock to allow as much space as needed between the dogs. We use screens so that dogs and owners have a ‘safe’ area that they can retreat too if things get too much. Training is taken at each dog’s individual pace and, although we will work on the basic behaviours needed for a family pet such as recall and loose lead walking a lot of the training is on focus and attention and calming exercises to build confidence in our dogs. We take training completely at the dog’s pace with lots of time to settle and adjust to a difficult situation. We even have stooge dogs that we can use for safe introductions as and when needed.

Training sessions are 45 minutes with a 15 minute availability after the class for Q&A or individual training as required – this must be arranged the week prior or can be ad hoc if dogs are returned to cars.
Dogs that may be aggressive must be muzzle trained and wear a suitable, well fitted muzzle at all times (we can help with the muzzle training prior to classes). All dogs that have not had one to one training or consultation with us previously will need an individual assessment prior to starting the classes.

£60 for a 4 week course

Tuesday 9.00am – nervous dogs
Saturday  – reactive and over excitable dogs