Dog training adventures

Our dog walking is designed to keep your dog happy, healthy and mentally stimulated. Imagine being left on your own all day when everyone else is out of the house – wouldn’t you crave having something to do and someone to communicate with? Your dog is the same! That’s where we come in.

We will collect your dog and take them for a fun, exciting walk, returning them home tired and happy. We will towel dry your dog and provide clean water and feed if required. We will ensure they are happy and settled before we leave.

We are fully insured, canine first aid trained and DBS checked for your reassurance and safety.

Initially, all walks are one to one until we are sure that your dog is comfortable and happy. Walks are always on lead until we are confident your dog has a secure recall, walks can then be off lead with your written permission. At the end of a walk we will send you a picture and message, so you know your dog is happy and content at home. You can even track your dog’s route so you can see where he has been!

1 to 1 training adventures
These are most suitable for dogs that have a training or behavioural problem, for example; unreliable recall, jumping up, not sitting on command, car/ bike etc chasing, reactive with other dogs, lead pulling etc.

We start with a FREE phone consultation, followed by a home visit to analyse the behaviour and come up with a training plan. The training will be in small, manageable steps and will deal with one element of behaviour/ training at a time. We use force free and reward based training to change the dog’s behaviour. The training will then take place on one to one 45-minute training walks. There will be a brief report on each walk followed by a ‘hand over’ at the end of the training journey where the training is assessed and ‘handed over’ to the owner.

NB Owners must agree to use the training, motivation, cues and rewards recommended to enable the training to take place. 1 to 1 training journeys may not be suitable for very aggressive dogs or dogs that are overly nervous with strangers.

We normally suggest a 6-week block of training, although this can be modified to suit the dog’s and owner’s needs.

£45 per 45 minute training session