Specialist children's classes

One of the most important aspects of training dogs is that all the family are training in the same way, using the same cues and rewards and applying the same rules for the puppy/dog. One of the biggest problems that families have is where puppies are confused by lots of different instructions and approaches to training, in these circumstances the puppy will often obey only one member of the family and treat the others as ‘siblings’ to play with and not to listen to. This often results in play biting and jumping up at the children, especially as children are often noisy and run around which is very stimulating for the puppy/dog.

One way of preventing this is for all members of the family, including children, to have a role in training the family dog/puppy. Training can be great fun and dramatically improves the relationship between the dog and handler – a win, win situation for all involved!
Families often have a pet dog ‘for the children’ but leave training to the adults in the family – mainly due to training classes being aimed at adults. Now we have specialist training classes aimed at children. As a primary school teacher for 26 years I am very familiar with teaching children and know how to get the best out of them as well as their dogs! I am DBS checked and insured.

Classes are 45 minutes long and are held in our safe and secure paddock after school and on Saturdays, parents are welcome to stay and watch or leave their children and collect over 10-year olds.

We teach skills and behaviour that will result in a well behaved and obedient family member, along with fun tricks and skills.

We also offer specialist agility classes for juniors to train a new sport with their dog (for puppies over 6 months only)

Children’s training classes are £30 for 4 classes